Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Retirement in progress

Now why do they look so long?
Planks heaved up from down here

One month on, and we still don't know exactly how much we will have to live on: money matters are being wound up slowly. One big worry for me is that I haven't worked for 14 years and therefore have not submitted a tax return but will now receive a small income from the two flats that we have newly acquired. One of my first jobs has been to try to find a tax consultant in this tiny coastal town. To this end, I have scoured the local newspaper/shops/classified ads/websites etc. with no success. In the end, asked our local pharmacist (who looks very much retirement age) and he has kindly recommended his own guy who actually lives here. He helped him when his wife died and the taxman didn't want to believe she was no longer in the land of the living. Meanwhile, hubby is busy with new projects: since we still have two large fridges, two washing machines, a tumble dryer and three chest deep freezers - all of which are squashed into places where they have no business to be, we have been inspired with the idea of closing in part of our rooftop patio (which now sports very usefully my pull-out washlines).  The first problem was getting the long wooden beams, which will support the aluminum roof, up over the wall. This entailed hubby heaving them up, one at a time, from the ground and me, waiting until they achieved a see-saw effect so that hubby could let go and I could pull them over the edge and onto the floor.  Hubby's other projects are: collect water from the roof into this huge drum and run it down to the front of the house to top up our proposed swimming pool (whose plans still languish at the local council since last November). He also had a compost maker for Christmas - it is already half full. I have been busy with the ad for the website for the flat (as I promised). I am glad to say that all the info and pictures are now with the web-designer, despite some anxious moments when I didn't know how to send the pics the size they wanted - so in desperation, had to send one at a time inserted into separate Word documents. Awful to be so technically challenged, but at least the exercise worked - even though they said the photos arrived 'huge'.  (??)