Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Two Types of People

Garage at our old house


Motor bike stripped and being rebuilt

Other wood work stuff
I sometimes think that there are basically two types of people:  the practical types who never earn much money but do everything themselves, and the theoretical types, who gather degrees, earn large salaries and pay someone else to do their stuff.  The latter tend to be very sociable, like people and spend most of their leisure time out and about, eating in restaurants, going to shows etc.  Sometimes I envy them.  However, I confess that I belong to the former category as does my husband. We tend to find eating out expensive and a bit of a waste of time. After all, we could be doing 'jobs' at home.  Both of us come from parents who trained us this way. We tend to be content with each other's company and when one of us dies, well, the other will probably get a dog. We do however, often have breakfast 'out' as this means we can work uninterrupted the rest of the day. We like it this way. As we speak, hubby is busy laying tiles in our little flat.  When people ask what is he going to do with himself when he retires  (7 weeks time),  we both look puzzled.  Witness hubby's previous garage at our old house and try to imagine how long it took to move it to the new one.  I don't know how the pictures will upload on my webpage. I hope they look OK.

On my page, the pics have text around them - except the last one (below).

I shall be posting pics of progress at our retirement house next re re-location of garage stuff.


  1. I wished I had the common sense to be in the first type or the IQ to be in second type. Alas I remain a man with out a type.

  2. And I thought my garage was filled with tools!

    1. You give all yours away...and not to me...waaaahhh.

    2. Luckily I have two sons, who (like it or not) will have to inherit all this stuff.