Monday, 3 November 2014

I Just Knew I shouldn't Have....

.... fiddled with every button on the TV remote.  Well, I had two hours of ironing and was watching an undemanding film on the box and thought, "While I am involved in an undemanding chore like ironing, now is the time for me to properly learn how to master the TV remote."  I have always been bothered that there are so many buttons on it that I have been warned not to touch. I wanted to change the picture shape as the people were looking too tall and thin. Which icon?  Several options presented themselves but I couldn't decide which so I pressed the "Analogue/Digital" button as the least ambiguous choice.  Big mistake.  Immediately a black screen, with a 'No Signal' message, 3 fizzy-looking screens if I scrolled up or down accompanied by so much noise, I had to hastily press the mute button. Choosing "Back' had no effect.  In vain, did I then naturally press every single button - nothing. Eventually, I managed to get a "Twin picture" screen - which meant I could still watch my movie in miniature but still no sound.  I could have called my husband away from his cupboards, but I felt I deserved to be punished.  One hour later, having hazarded a somewhat unsatisfactory guess at 'who had dunnit',  hubby came upstairs, pressed one button (in secret) and behold! Everything back to normal.  Meanly, he refused to tell me how he did it, just grinned and went back to his woodwork.


  1. My duties with the TV system involves hooking up what ever contraption that needs hooked up and never touching it again. I am not sure how to even turn on our TV. That stuff is her province and she is quite knowledgeable with it. There are a ton of remotes under the TV. I don't know what the remotes are for little alone what the buttons do.

    I think your husband should show you how to fix the problems, if your interested.

    1. I sense your indifference to my plight, but I might look over his shoulder next time. Do you never watch TV?

    2. It is not indifference to your plight per se, just a statement that TV expertise is not limited to men. Demand your rights! Know what those buttons do!

      I watch far more TV now that I am retired than I did when I was working, but I never watch it by myself. I could care less about sports. My wife and I have about 6 shows we watch a week in the winter--not so much in the summer. She has her shows that I don't watch. The only one that I really care about is Elementary, a modern day Sherlock Holmes. The rest I can take or leave.

      Back when I used to go on business trips, I had no idea if the TV in my room worked or not. I always looked at the news and weather on my company laptop. In my free time I used to drive around quite a bit (in the dark) to learn the place. I like driving, I like geography and the lay of land, and the feel of asphalt sliding under my ass...failing in that I always had a book or two going.

    3. Your style of TV watching is much like ours. My husband doesn't like driving though.

  2. I know what you mean. Once when my granddaughter was just three and I was trying to start up a kid's DVD--rather unsuccessfully--she remarked, "Grandma, you are not so good at TV."