Thursday, 6 November 2014

Carpets or Tiles?

Google image - cool, noisy?
Google image - cosy floor, quiet
Probably the main decider is climate.  In the UK, where I grew up, everyone had carpets (even in the bathroom) and everyone, (including once even a young policeman) is required to take off their shoes on entering one's abode. On arriving in a hot country, like South Africa, I soon found that carpets were confined to bedrooms as the outdoor life meant that, men, in particular, gave no thought at all to whatever dirt they tramped into the house, granted that it was more dust than mud. These days, fashion dictates various new types of flooring throughout like vinyl or bamboo or laminated floors. I can't get use to these because to me they look like rooms in UK houses which only looked like that when they were stripped, waiting for new carpets. So in my mind, they look unfinished. Wooden floors were built between floors in double-storey houses. And we all had an upstairs because on a small island with a big population, space has always been at a premium. Surprised was I, a new immigrant to South Africa in 1976, to find that most homes were what we British would call "Bungalows" i.e. single-story homes, nicely spread out. No stairs. Weird. In the UK, only old people lived in such. Times have changed: the young are slaves to fashion. In the two apartments we have now bought since selling our house, one has carpets in the bedrooms and the one we are in has tiles throughout. The downside to tiles in the bedroom is that dust bunnies gather in profusion every time one makes the bed. With carpets, they absorb the dust and store it until one feels like vacuuming. As our bedroom is tiny, I can't move the bed or get the vacuum or broom underneath. Solution: blast the bunnies out with a hairdryer, then sweep them up. I think I prefer carpets as I am not the world's most conscientious housewife.


  1. It is the thought of all that dust settled into the carpet that bothers me, But it is softer and warmer on the feet.

  2. I like carpets better than finished flooring regardless of the material. I am always afraid to walk on the damned stuff with shoes because it will scuff. In socks it is slippery. I vote for carpets. Makes it feel homier.