Monday, 17 November 2014

An Excessive Customer Service

Better late than never

As we are technically still of No Fixed Abode until mid-December, we finally got ourselves a Post Office Box, actually a private company one (as our national Postal service has been on strike for the last four months).  We decided to get a small parcel mailed there, close to our little flat,  from a company we had previously used about eight months ago to purchase two Eco-shower heads which were not on sale in any retailers in SA.  I duly e-mailed our new box address details to the supplier who had dealt with our last postal order and the same lady promised that the items would arrive within 3 working days. When this did not happen and she had e-mailed to ask if I was happy with my purchase, I tracked the parcel and found it had been delivered to the office close to where we used to live - now far away from our current abode. She had over-ridden my instructions and decided to send it to the office closest to the street address on her records.  It has eventually taken 8 days to get hold of my parcel. It's the old story of never 'ASS-u-me'.  She assumed she knew better than me what my postal address should be.  I assumed she would mail it automatically to the address I had given. I didn't think it relevant to tell her I had changed my street address.  It was a frustrating exercise but I can't really complain. She thought she was going the extra mile.


  1. Amazon did something similar to my son over a new phone case. They sent it to his old address even though he had put the change of address in and had been receiving items for months at the new address. They took care of it, sending a new case overnight to the correct address, they do have excellent customer service. But they managed to screw up the return. They had the shipper coming to his house to pick up the wrongly sent case. Finally he stopped over his old house, got the case, hand carried it to the shippers office, and returned it. He could have bought the same phone case for about 30% more in the store, and by the time he got the phone case sent to the wrong address returned, that seemed like a bargain.

    Shit happens as they say.

    I ordered a tire inflator on the internet to pick up at the local K-mart. I had a piece of paper that said I bought this and paid for it on the net from my computer, the store had the same exact documentation, they had my inflator at the pickup area with yet another piece of paper that said it belonged to me. I had a store manager that wanted to give me my inflator. The computer absolutely refused to release the merchandise. The computer said that the inflator was mine, three pieces of paper all said the inflator was mine, the manager said it was mine, and yet the computer would not authorize releasing the tire inflator to me. After 30 minutes I had to sign the receipt that I received it. I don't know if K-Mart ever got that straighten out or not but I only paid for one inflator on my card, even though they attempted to ring it up about 87 times. I could have saved myself a half hour and lot of grey hair just by walking into the store any paying full price.

    Your postal service has been on strike for 4 months! Cool.

    1. Those stories are amazing. So nice to have company. How depressing that we are so sub-servient to immovably, one-track-minded-binary-bossy computers.