Thursday, 16 October 2014

Talking of Coincidences....

I thought for once I would post a family pic. It's our granddaughter's "Grandparents Day" at her school.  We were treated to cookies and coffee and a sweet concert consisting of the four classes of pre-primary children singing for us.  Then we were given packets of sunflower seeds to plant with the children with the message, "Have faith, the good seed will grow up in their hearts".  What makes things special I think is that our grandchildren - well, big son's children - have two sets of grandparents who have all been married for 37 years to their one and only and what's more - we got married on the same day! That must be quite a record in today's world. And quite a coincidence.


  1. A coincidence indeed. I was invited to a 50th anniversary party this weekend (I can't go). That is beyond my comprehension!

    1. Understand. My folks were married for more than 50 years -- my mother still hankered after an old those days people stuck together. Having said that : my dad only had one girlfriend, my mother, and he adored her for all of those 50 years plus. And my mom was a dutiful wife.

  2. That is quite a coincidence. Many more years to all four of you!