Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Sports Day - Lacking the Competitive Gene

She does have a sense of humor
Big son phoned to say I should fetch my grandson a little later this morning as they were all at my granddaughter's Sports Day.  She has just turned 5, so you can imagine the scene.  Big son was quick to tell me he won the Father's Race  (he told me twice in ten minutes) but it was a different story for his daughter.  She came last in all her races especially one -the Pyjama Race,  in which she came extremely last - not having in fact started. She was the first to get the pyjamas on but then spent so long straightening the seams, replacing her aliceband and trying to her hair back into shape that the race was over before she even started. Not in the least bothered, she quite enjoyed the laughter of the spectators.


  1. Good for your grand daughter! Give me a person who can laugh over a person who must win any day!

  2. Oh, that would have been funny to me, too! I'm glad that a competitive parent or spectator didn't run out to push her along.
    She's a cutie - all dressed in her mermaid cover-up.
    (My kids' past elementary school called it Field Day.)

    1. It's just great re-living all these things through your grand-children. I don't remember my own parents attending things like this. They thought school and home were to be kept strictly apart.