Friday, 10 October 2014

Electrical Faults - Sextant, I would value your opinion

This - after the electrical inspection

We have amazing laws in this country: the snag is getting anyone to put them into practice.  One new requirement if you purchase a property is that new  Electrical/Plumbing/Gas Certificates must be issued by a qualified person before the transfer of ownership can take place. This has resulted in a rash of new small businesses opening up, seeing a good chance to get their hands into the cookie jar and to charge exorbitant amounts for finding/pretending to find/overlooking but charging -  as many faults as they can. There are some horror stories out there and owners just have to pay.  I have just received the electrical report from the conveyancing lawyers on the apartment we have just bought and will ask my husband to look at it on the week-end to see if he agrees with checklist of 'yes' ticks which certify that our place is electrically safe.  We have had it painted out with new carpets and all things fixed before tenants move in on 1st November. My painter is very good and pulled down all the downlighters (not LED) before he painted the ceilings.  He pointed out the condition of these two in particular and I was horrified, imagining that our flat is in immediate danger of burning down.  There are 30 of these lights in the 5 rooms and I notice that the whole building has them in all the corridors and they are permanently on.  None are LED, so they all generate quite a lot of heat. Am I right to worry?


  1. I'd hate to be living there and have them catch fire.

  2. Yes I think worry is justified for not only your apartment but the entire building. It appears that these units are overheating for whatever reasons. The fixture has a CE code marking that would indicate that they were built to some standard but the evidence in your photos certainly lean to defective operation and a possible fire hazard. Code markings are no guarantee that the fixture is installed correctly or being used with the correct electrical supply. It only states that the fixture was designed to the existing code at the time of manufacture. Your concern is very justified.

    1. Many thanks, Sextant. I am going to see the managing agent tomorrow.