Friday, 26 September 2014

The Big Switch On.

We had a scheduled power cut last Sunday at our holiday/retirement house.  Naturally, we had visitors - my son and his family - so we needed some electricity, albeit we have with laudable forethought, installed a gas hob and have a solar-heated geyser.  I however, couldn't get the gas going, not understanding that the automatic lighter is electric. Big son luckily had a match (and a lecture) but not before I had filled the kitchen with quite a lot of gas.  All was well after we opened a few windows.  Then hubby and big son got the generator going and I (and all the dog walkers/joggers in the street) almost jumped out of my/our skin(s) at the huge noise. Said machine was residing in the garage whose open door leads into the house. This small-looking machine is clearly a monster in disguise: pleasingly it powered most of the things in our house without cutting out and hubby was quite impressed with its  5.5 (horsepower/gig/mig/....ah yes, kilowatt) engine. I however, especially as this was Sunday morning, was mightily embarrassed by the noise and the irritated expressions on the faces of the people in the street, who were standing rooted to the spot, trying to track the origin of the shattering disturbance. Luckily, it's quite hard to do this out in the open especially as I hypocritically faked similar body language, standing out on our balcony. The men hastily pushed the machine to the back of the house whose garden leads onto some empty plots and things improved a bit. Hubby promises me he will build it into a sound-proof room and fill its exhaust with baffles. Of course, if everyone was as clever as us and had a generator, we would all be in the same boat and subterfuge wouldn't be necessary. Only ear-plugs. As an interesting adjuct to all this, I've just heard that most of Johannesburg has had no water for days.  Glad we live in Cape Town.


  1. Noise has been a big factor in your life lately.

  2. Well at least your noise is for something useful. I have neighbors that go out and buy brand new vehicles and remove the factory quiet exhaust system, install noise makers and think they are cool. That is kind of cool when one is 18, however pushing 65, it is time to grow up.

    1. Know what you mean... my son's in-laws are trying for cool with their car and their motor bike. When they pulled away from our house on the bike - I thought there was something wrong with it! Had to cover my ears.