Friday, 22 August 2014

The Best thing about an i-pad....

We acknowledge its amazing cuteness and tininess and the easy access to e-mailing photos and looking up stuff.  However, I think the very best is that you can lie in bed and be reading a book  e.g. Dan Brown's 'Inferno",  and every time he describes an amazing work of art or sculpture - you can quickly find a pic of same on Youtube or Google Images.  I am so into Stephen Fry and Robin Williams' lives at the moment.  I've just finished "The Fry Chronicles" and realised that all the marvellous British comedy that I missed on TV in the 1980s - I haven't actually missed!  Every time Fry mentions some programme or theatre show that he was in, especially with Hugh Laurie, I've indulged in an orgy of Youtube clips, sometimes complete shows and what a joy that is.  I've watched several television interviews that Robin Williams did over the years and realised that his quicksilver wit was even more brilliant live than even in his films. Three cheers for the i-pad, and a nod to all the wonderful comedians who make us laugh and brighten our days (if not always their own).

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  1. iPads and the likes are neat but I remain firmly attached to my desk top. I like the big screen and the keyboard.

    I do a lot of reading on Kindles which I love, but they are purely reading machines (and cash registers for Amazon). I recently bought a Kindle Fire HDX which is a poor man's iPad. It is is neat but it will never replace my desk top. Give me a mouse, a full sized keyboard and full sized screen.

    Here is one of my favorite Robin Williams clips:

    Always remember, men smear.

    It is hard to understand how such a wonderful wit, was so troubled.