Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Car is in Lymph Node

My cautious little car

If that sounds a bit Monty-Pythonish to you, it's because I am not much tuned in to tecchie stuff about cars and have never opened the manual which came with mine.  Also, I must admit to slight deafness in my advancing years. It's enough to know I have a brilliant car which purrs along and never gives trouble. Until yesterday. All of a sudden the digital display said, "Run-flat indicator unavailable. Visit service station" - and my car lost power and proceeded along at a stately 25 mph. despite all appeals to the accelerator pedal. Mystified, I pulled over and phoned my husband  (thank heavens for cell phones, how did we manage in the past?).  "Oh dear," said he, "it's gone into Limp Mode".  Well, that made sense, once I had ditched my medical interpretation of the phrase.  LIghts on. How cute, actually -  and although I am not one who anthropomorphizes vehicles,  I did find I felt more sympathetic to my car's woes, if it found itself only able to 'limp', no doubt because of various in-built protection measures designed to safeguard its computer(s). I was not so empathetic however, when I crawled embarrassingly along the highway, hazard lights on, to get to the Mercedes garage where my husband works. All's well that ends well however, and we are back to normal, with only a small amount of money expended for a new part. Just thought you might be intrigued by the odd title to this post.


  1. Personally, I am getting tired of all the things that are now much, much smarter than me--phones, refrigerators, televisions--but when it comes to cars, I appreciate those service messages. As long as they do not pop up too often.

  2. Are you sure you do not somewhat anthropomorphize? Just a little wee bit?

    Are you not the person who wanted to put eyelashes on her headlights?


    Although I must admit, I see no eyelashes on the photo above.

    Well it is cool that the car still allowed you to drive it, rather than just out right dying. The message displayed is rather meaningless. Thank heavens the part was inexpensive.

    1. Oh gosh, I knew you would remember about the eyelashes. How did you find the link to the post?? Anyway, hubby absolutely refused to let me have them - I am not sure on what grounds. I just know I wasn't convinced, but I bowed to his strong feelings about possibly being 'seen' on the rare occasions that he might be a passenger in my car.

    2. I side with your husband in this case. You would probably have a similar reaction if he wanted to put flames on the side of his car. And you would be right:


      You always want your car to blend in...not stand out. We all have those little mishaps at times--not breaking the law or reckless abandon but discourtesies. We pull over too quick and cut someone off, forget to use a turn signal. Accidentally pull out too soon at a stop sign. The chances of some hothead seeing your grey Mercedes in a parking lot and thinking "that is that idiot that almost hit me" is not too good. But a grey Mercedes with eyelashes? You may return to a surprise. Blend in.