Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Just a form....

We have a crazy system in this country: when you sell your house, even though your municipal payments are up to date re water/sewage/rates on your property, you are obliged to pay up six months  in advance of your sale date which you can claim back later, once transfer of your property to the new owners has been recorded. Thereafter, they can expect to receive a large bill after their first six months occupancy. To this end, our lawyers handed us the appropriate form and explained the procedure. It is now time to get our money back. First, the fax number I was given was incorrect: delay of three weeks. To avoid subsequent problems I went in person to the municipal offices and presented my forms.  Sorry, these forms are 'old'.  You have to submit the new ones. Apparently, Cape Town underwent a change of 'logo' 3 months ago and we may not submit the old forms - even though the information to be data-captured is identical!  I remember the storm of controversy at the time: why take away the previous logo - an outline of our beloved Table Mountain and substitute it with a generic kind of sunshine thing? As usual, public opinion did not prevail and obviously someone has made money out of the change to the new logo. I decided not to let this spoil my day, and so indulged in some retail therapy, reasoning that I may not have much longer in which to do this after my husband retires. Unfortunately, nothing fit: at least, the pretty summer dress did fit, but revealed my knees, which according to the image in the mirror, was a no-no. Therefore still fuming, I went to visit my best friend who happened to be home.  There is not much that a nice cup of tea, a good rant and a letting off of steam can't fix. So after all, it was a good day.  Got hubby to sign the new form tonight: faxed it off: wait 7 days to see result in our bank account. I'll let you know.


  1. Well good luck recovering your funds. A word of caution, don't hold you breath. I am sure that the new forms will be rejected because the computer database is only set up for the old forms. But of course the old forms are obsolete so you must use the new forms...did you remember to send triplicate copies of the form to the prothonotary's office. Old or new? Well they are not sure, but if you sent the new form to the prothonotary and the old form to the data center then the forms will conflict and it will simply be impossible to reimburse your account until the computer system has been updated, currently scheduled for the second quarter of 2015. Be rest assured the your funds will be safe with the Cape Town Municipal Authority.

    1. LOL You make me laugh, Sextant. I do hope your predictions are untrue. In fact, I did let off a rant at the lawyer's office - yes, they still have only the old forms on file, but I did feel I might have saved future clients a little frustration. They did make me wait though, while they photocopied the new form.

  2. So bureaucracy is the same the whole world over...

  3. I am steeling myself to check our bank account tomorrow - we've been on holiday this week.. .....should have been in a few days ago. (three months wait!).