Sunday, 20 July 2014


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I think it's quite interesting what people forget to pack when they go away in a hurry.  We had visitors this week-end at our other house, and in our hurry I forgot my moisturizer and my husband forgot his aftershave.  My visitor forgot her hairdryer. We had clothes, essential meds, our books and our reading glasses though - and lots of food. I also forgot my house keys  (my husband had his), because they were in my knitting bag, but as my friend doesn't knit, I had left that bag at home. Can it be that items of vanity are at the bottom of all our lists of priorities? What essentials have you forgotten to pack?


  1. I thought I forgot my phone on the last trip I took. It turns out I had it all along, but I went two weeks without making or receiving a call.

  2. I have a typed list on my computer that I print each time travel. It is very detailed, down to floss and nail clippers (which "should" be in a cosmetic bag). I check off each item as I'm packing. Still a job that I hate because I can't decide on the "white shirt or the blue shirt" and end up taking both - too much!

    Reading glasses - I try never to forget! :)

  3. I like Anita keep a computerized list from back in my business trip days. I used to have to take a lot of tools and test equipment so I had a work list that I kept and it naturally evolved into a personal list. Quite handy. My list even had pain killers, vitamins, fish oil, and glucosamine chondroitin which used to work pretty good until I read that it was useless. I still take it just in case it does work. Having a somewhat pricey placebo that reduces pain is far more cost effective than free truth!

  4. My husband & I are triathletes and two years ago we went to the Ironman venue in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to do a test ride on the bike course. Of course he forgot his cycling shoes and we ended up buying him another pair, when I was the one who needed them. Silly man.