Friday, 13 June 2014

Just Blame the Maid

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Another snag about movimg to a ground floor apartment, is the tendency for a ground floor flat to experience leaks from the tenant above.  Such was the case last Sunday, when we returned to find water leaking over our kitchen area from 3 points on the ceiling. Having positioned three buckets in strategic positions we then got on the phone (apologetically) to the Supervisor, who was out of town, it being his day off, but he told us Security could get hold of the tenant on his cell phone.  This happened and the gentleman obligingly came back immediately, only to find that his own floor was completely dry!  Another two hours of investigation seemed to find the fault: the exit pipe from the dishwasher was blocked up with 'gunge' and so the water had flowed over the top and into the cavity between the two flats. Having cleaned it out, the leaking into our place eventually stopped.  I'll keep an eye open meanwhile and of course, in a week or two the ceiling will discolor and need painting. The maid was blamed for never cleaning out the filters etc. I can't believe that anyone can need a maid in an apartment which measures only 67 square metres, but there you are.  It's a conundrum common in 'third-world' countries that everyone employs a maid or a char because they are so cheap compared to elsewhere in the world.  When I grew up in England, only the rich or famous had 'home-help'.  I remember being deeply impressed by our neighbor, whose husband was a vet, because she had someone to 'do' for her on Mondays. At the moment, debate rages on as to how much these domestic workers should be paid. There is a school of thought that says we have such an unskilled, even still illiterate labor force, that many are glad to work for an average family for a correspondingly low wage.  We are not a welfare state, so the theory is that that situation is better than nothing. The unions maintain that if you can't afford a decent wage, you shouldn't have a maid. What to do?


  1. Being an old independent Yankee type (i.e. frugal to the point of cheap) I have difficulty paying someone for things I can do myself. Problem is, I think I can do more than i can actually do and do well.

  2. Myself, I prefer my own filth to having someone else clean up after it. I may be a cruddy slob, but I am a proud cruddy slob. I expect no one to lower themselves to clean up after me regardless of the wage.

    That said, yes, it is a conundrum. Should we hire maids because we can afford them at dirt cheap wages? Yes, then one is perpetuating a problem. No, then some one loses a source of income. I tend to agree with the unions. A decent wage is a basic human right. But somehow I feel that I am being very naive.