Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Happiness is ...

My new office in our apartment

AFter a hectic moving week-end, we are comfortably settled into our little flat - meaning that I have squashed a desk and all my office stuff into the lounge and got the phone man here to set up our Internet etc.  I am delighted to say that my Internet connection is much better here than in our previous house, which apparently suffers from ancient wires etc.  I am enjoying myself hugely so far, relishing the sudden relief from duties like maintaining the swimming pool, weeding, trying to persuade vegetables to grow, fighting snails etc. my kitchen is compact and very user-friendly, small fridge but adequate. Of course, I haven't yet wanted to swim (it's winter almost) and I haven't needed to set up my sewing machine. Honeymoon period. There was one snag. The day we moved in, and the tenant out, the pay-as-you-go electricity meter suddenly displayed an error message instead of showing us how many units were available. So I've had an anxious two days wondering if I dare iron a shirt or boil a kettle before we might be plunged in darkness. I therefore had no choice but to sit on the 080 helpline - half an hour this time - to get an electrician to come out.  Shoddy wiring again - apparently stopped 'signal' getting to the box. Fixed up now.  Next thing: get HDPVR wire put in for my husband, as we can't record any TV at the moment and we are missing our favorite shows. Must be able to fast forward past the ads. One thing at a time.  Thought for the day: however in our previous lives did we manage without all these gadgets? Another thought: I thank the powers that be as often as I can, that I wasn't born poor.  For the 1000th time I ask myself, how guilty should I feel about that?
NB - posting this from my ipad - can't seem to upload any pictures....will try later from my PC


  1. There are always stresses and unexpected surprises involved with moving, but it sounds as though it is going smoothly for the most part. You should feel grateful not guilty--except, of course, the thing about having to watch the TV ads. Famine, war, natural disasters, grinding poverty versus TV ads...:)

  2. I have missed something here, why did you move to your apartment? I thought you were going to your retirement home that you built.

    X2 with what Olga said regarding guilt.