Thursday, 19 June 2014

A Tale of Three Rings

Very like my mom's ring - google image

My daughter, daughter-in-law and myself are blessed to be the owners of beautiful antique rings, inherited from two grannies and a great aunt.  Last week, my daughter-in-law was distraught because her large stone was suddenly missing from its setting. She eventually found it nestled in the folds of her child's car seat, knocked out while she was hauling the unwieldy things out of my car and into hers.  Lo and behold, three days later, my own pretty sapphire jumped out of its moorings when I bumped it on our microwave. Luckily, it fell into my hand.  After relating these stories to my daughter, she confessed a potential horror story of her own: about two months ago, she was driving through a dodgy area of town, took off her ring and pushed it down the panel behind the driving seat, something she was in the habit of doing in these places. That day, she forgot to retrieve it and the next morning her husband took her car in 'to have new tyres'.  Imagine her shock when he returned that afternoon with a smart new car for her, having traded hers in. Instead of delighted tears of joy, he was presented with a tirade of accusations, "why didn't you TELL me???"  and heartfelt sobs of loss. I am relieved to say the story had a happy ending: the new owner was contacted and the ring happily retrieved. They say things happen in threes, so we should have a quiet time this week. Meanwhile, I am hesitant to hand mine in to get fixed: what's to say they won't substitute a worthless piece of glass?


  1. I have often wondered do things happen in threes or do our counters reset to one at number 4? No, my intention is not to create more ring angst, just an observation.

    What is a suitable time lapse for the third event? What if 4 things did happen would that be three and one events or 4 events.

    With me it is usually close calls while driving (not mine so much but other people) or seeing unrelated weird things...two ambulances in close succession, a hovering helicopter, and somebody that stares at me intensely while sitting at a traffic light. None of this stuff seems important in itself, but the aggregate seems to set my nerves slightly on edge and I feel relieved to get home. Oddly they seem to happen in threes.

    I am glad your daughter was able to retrieve the ring. Typical of her husband, no matter what we do, we do it wrong...even surprising our wives with a new car.

    It is sort of corollary to the old saw: if a husband is alone in a forest and expresses an opinion and nobody hears it, is he still wrong?

    1. Ah Sextant, ever the philosopher. Actually, as my daughter's story was two months ago - maybe it wasn't a threesome after all? And yes, husbands will always be wrong no matter what. Except mine - he says he thought he has been wrong once - but he was mistaken.

    2. He sounds like my wife.