Thursday, 1 May 2014

Has the World Gone Bi-Polar?

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25th April..... ON HOLIDAY...
We started our holiday by spending Easter with family who live on the way to where we are now. It was a difficult visit as all were under stress.  A family member, who thought he had a hithertoe lovely marriage was shocked to be thrown out of his house by his bi-polar wife, who had been advised by her doctor to quit the Lithium component of her medication as it was beginning to damage her kidneys. She had been on such meds since the age of 15. Although she had warned her husband of her condition before they married, he didn’t take  much notice and didn’t mention it to anyone else. He’d never even heard the name of the illness before. She warned him that there would be bad times and could he please continue to love her throughout. Not easy.  He has tried so hard – but now she won’t let him into the house and has filed for divorce.  They have a six-year old son.  So M is now back living in his old room at this parents’ house, wondering how he can hang onto his son. He gets on well with his in-laws and there would be no question of taking away anyone’s access to the child. Can the mother be capable of looking after him?  It seems there is no medical substitute that works as well as Lithium as her behaviour became erratic almost immediately.  We’ve heard about so many bi-polar people since this happened.  Is there an epidemic?  We know there is a genetic component in this case but can overuse of medication generally create the condition in normal people? A friend of a friend is a dispensing chemist in Johannesburg: she says she fills more prescriptions for depression than for any other medicine.  Even 14-year olds take prescribed pills when they fall out with their friends. What’s going on?


  1. Oh, this hits home. I have an inlaw male relative who is becoming a major concern as her uses facebook to post very long rants about the government, a church, and family members. I feel sorry for him; yet I can not risk intervening.

    That's a sad statistic from the chemist.

    1. I understand that spreading gossip and telling lies is quite a big part of this disturbing and sad disorder.

  2. There is no doubt that depression and bi-polar disorders exist. That said, I feel that in the US that there are a great many wonder drugs looking for a condition to treat because the medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex needs it's profits. Yet try to find one of the bastards that will research new antibiotics. No money in that.