Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Engage Core!

Working on this one.... (Google image)

Moving of course means lots of exercise.  For us, lots of stairs to negotiate as our living area is upstairs at our retirement house. I've had a problem with my hip and knee since January this year - acute pain in both, climbing stairs, anything weight-bearing.  A recurrence of an old complaint of three years ago. How do these things happen? One minute I'm walking along fine, the next - ouch! Acute pain in the knee. I've tried physio, the chiro, patience (it will eventually get better of its own accord). I've received lectures from the physio: I suffer from an 'instability' (weakness) in the muscles around my pelvic girdle. She has given me great exercises but has warned that I should do them every day for the rest of my life. I mustn't do anything 'one-legged' or slouch or lean on one hip. So far, I've complied and the results are tangible: ("Walk, toddler grandson, I'm NOT picking you up").  I think of it this way, "Engage core before doing anything like lifting, turning over in bed, going up or down stairs". In other words, "pull your stomach in" like mother used to say - and stand up straight! All the time. I liken it a bit to the lesson I learned re my car's gas consumption: which has been terrible of late.  It occurred to me to get my tyre pressures checked. Oops. A spectacular improvement.  I think of my tyres as being four strong weight-lifters, whose muscles are sorely stressed when they are not 'pumped up'; the vehicle gets heavier and heavier until the weight-lifters are on their knees and the car needs super-gas to get going.  Works for me.


  1. Yes, it's all about the core these days.

  2. Good advice on engaging the core. Core values are always useful.

    Amazing what a little air pressure will do for your tires and fuel economy.