Tuesday, 8 April 2014

As We Get Older.....

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...We either get more relaxed and tolerant or all kinds of things start to annoy us. We had visitors this week-end and the husband proved to be a hilarious raconteur who told stories late into the night which had me laughing so much I had to go in search of my asthma pump.  One such was as follows: he was on a business trip one evening, returning home, Business class as usual and looking forward to dinner on the plane. To his disgust, (being in the 60+ age group) he was seated next to one of those young yuppies who never raise their eyes from their laptop and who click-click on their keyboard (annoyingly) throughout the flight. Our friend was immediately disgusted and looked for diversion in the form of the coffee trolley, which was followed shortly afterwards by the early evening drinks. As an experienced traveler he chose both a cup of coffee and a bottle of decent, red wine.  Inexplicably, he picked up the sachet of sugar - and poured it into his wine.  Unable to believe his mistake, he stared at it for a moment while registering that the tapping had slowed almost to a stop in the next seat, and its occupant was actually giving him a sideways glance. To his eternal mortification, our friend blushed a shade of beetroot, and had no alternative but to pick up his wine glass, sip, and pretend he had done it on purpose, maintaining as much aplomb as he could muster for the rest of the flight. Of course, it's no surprise to anyone of a similar age that he could make such an error: we've all got similar stories, haven't we?

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I rarely do this, But....

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For once, I want to pass on two pithy sayings I came across recently. First of all, I went to see 'Philomena', starring Judi Dench - about the wicked nuns in the 1950s and how they cruelly sold girls' babies to wealthy people.  Judi's character is full of forgiveness and she is not bitter, when she searches for her child 60 years later.  I came across this saying later that day:
 "Why keep an open wound, when forgiveness will close it?"  I try hard to practise this.
Also, although basically an unbeliever, I smiled at this one - sent via e-mail:
"If you want to make God laugh, tell him you've got a plan".
Have a good week, everyone.