Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Curse of the Long-Married

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..Is that it's easy to read between the lines. Take last week, for instance.  We had a Public Holiday here last Friday, hence a 3-day week-end. As we would be away,  I was inspired to switch off the geyser timer here at home to see if it would save on electricity.  Naturally, I forgot to switch it on again when we came home on Sunday night, so at 5.30 am on Monday, my husband had a cold shower before going to work. He hates this and I was subjected to a constant stream of sound effects,  "Brr.....aaargh....ooohh.....aacch...." repeated loudly and ad infinitum for the entire duration of the 3 minutes that he was able to stand the icy (actually, it must have been luke-warm) spray.   I understand completely that this was entirely for my benefit, so half-way through I went to the kitchen to make a pot of tea. I did chide myself somewhat for not anticipating that we would have a rainy week-end so the solar geyser wasn't really doing its job, so yes, the water was a little colder than it should normally have been. Still, I didn't feel I deserved the verbal censorship that accompanied the crime, which culminated in raised eyebrows and a martyred expression when I was told,"This is now another thing I shall have to check evey night."  Translation: I want you to feel really bad right now, but actually I won't remember to do this. When he was finally dressed, had eaten and picked up his briefcase to go to work, together with the lunch I had made him, I knew he wouldn't be able to depart without kissing me goodbye. And so it was. I guess, depending on which side you are on, reading between the lines can be a curse but also a blessing.


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    1. HI Olga. I guess this would remind you of precious moments too. Hugs.

  2. Well my wife and I have formed a mutual forgetting society and as such have a high tolerance for each other's and our combined memory faux pas. We also quiz each other routinely, did you remember to check the stove, feed the cats, turn down the furnace etc.

    The reason that your hubby is still your hubby is that while he may have put on a bit of theater for your benefit, he also remembered that you are the best thing that ever happened to him. As such his theater did not include genuine anger and the need to humiliate you. And he sealed that memory with a kiss. I love such stories.

    1. Yep. These are the good moments. It's nice to put some of them into writing - before we forget.

  3. I'be been known to do an "oops," too. But what can they do or say? Best to move on and kiss good-bye, as you did.