Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Softie at Heart

My husband never ceases to amaze me.  Having waged war on the house sparrows that have been determinedly making their nest next to the wall in the thatch cover just outside our TV lounge, he has decided to make them a house. At one stage he threatened to shoot them because of all the mess (toileting on their doorstep) and because of their noisy objections if we didn't get out of their way at sunset when they wanted to go to bed. Actually, I think he harbors a sneaking admiration for the male, who applied Herculean efforts to pulling out the chicken wire that hubby had stuffed into all the cracks in an attempt to foil their homing instincts.  Unbeknown to the man of the house when he removed their last nest,  the three tiny babies were hiding behind it,  keeping dead quiet and he didn't see them when he put the wire there. Perhaps it helped that I mentioned that the humble house sparrow was becoming endangered. Whatever the reason for the change of heart, much banging and sawing is going on in our garage and an impressive wooden structure is emerging.  I just hope the sparrows acknowledge the gift and agree to live in it when it is put in a more convenient place. Meanwhile, hubby is still stressing about his untidy garage and rushes out to close the door when someone is coming to view the house. He is still astonished that to date, not a single person has wanted to see inside.


  1. May the clattering of the sparrows happily declare their delight in hubbies efforts. Much preferable to the booming of guns.

  2. You've given this post a good title - he is a softie... which is admirable. I love birds.