Monday, 24 February 2014

A Bitter-Sweet Reminder

So why am I thinking about Christmas trees in February?  My husband decided to take hold of himself and clear out 'stuff' as a prelude to us having to move once our house is sold.  When he visited our garden shed and came out with our Christmas tree in its box - it was a gut-wrenching moment of truth for me.  We've had that tree for about twenty years and it goes up without fail in the same position at the beginning of December every year. (Well, it's too hot here in December to have a real one).  I suppose the writing was on the wall over the last few years as we have not always had Christmas Day at our house as the children have married and acquired their own houses and children, and ipso facto, their own Christmas trees.  Still, it's not a total disaster - the tree is not being thrown out, merely moving to our holiday/retirement house where it will have a new position each year, with the same ornaments that I am pretty sentimental about. I am curious to try to anticipate how we will feel on the day that we finally leave our current home of 22 years.  I think when it is totally empty of all our stuff, I shall be able to let go. It will be the third home we've had since we married but we've been here far the longest.  Our realtor was amazed to hear my sister-in-law admit that she had been in her home all her married life since she was 19, a total of 49 years - on a farm.  But that's farm life: they build not only homes but establish dynasties tied to the land.  Different strokes. My mother used to deplore the current trend amongst young-marrieds to buy 'houses', fix them, sell and move on to the next.  In her view they never have a 'home' at all.  But in the end, home is where the heart is, isn't it? A house is just a building, after all.  (And in the end, if you don't give your post a relevant title - no-one reads it!)


  1. I've lived in many homes; when I left for college, I was in my 5th home. Upgrading, and then my parent's divorce being the reason. Then a few more as a single woman and 3 as a married woman. I hope I'm done! Though, the house we live in now is large. I wonder if my husband and I will stay here after the children leave for lives of their own.

    Sincere best wishes as you weed through Christmas trees and other long acquired items, deciding their fate. Can't say I'm a fan of the process.

    1. Thank you. My biggest problem is my books. I've dragged all of them, most of which I had at university, half-way round the world with me. Mostly, they are paper-backs, aged and yellowing which have not been read in the last thirty years. But I love them and can't let them go. Yet.

  2. Houses are empty shells that become living things, a home, with the presence of the residents. A lived in home has a soul which is something of a collective reflection of the Souls of its residents. Don't throw out your tree or your books...keep them. They are a part of you and your life.

    The cool thing about having lots of junk is that when we pass away and our heirs have to root through all our crap...for once, we will be as big of a pain in the ass to them as they were to us.