Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Life's Like That

My husband started the New Year with his annual diet pronouncements, which mostly consist of,"Blah..blah..I'll start next week..."   There is usually some crisis or visit from family which requires 'normal' eating, so we/he had several reprieves and only started this week in earnest.  He began with a flourish - expensively breaking a front tooth on a raw carrot so this has set us back a bit financially.  Should we continue to buy the (expensive) diet food or go to the (expensive) dentist? Quite a conundrum, as yet undecided. Something else re small son this time: hubby went ballistic one morning; went starkers into the shower to find his shower sponge had vanished.  Had I thrown it away, he yelled?  "No, haven't touched it", (me, highly indignant).  Why don't you ask your son, I suggested.  Small son, as yet still reposing in his bed was rudely awakened.  "Oh, sorry, dad," said he, "I thought it was mommy's."  I did idly wonder what had happened to his own sponge - and later that week, found it very dirty, lying in my dirty linen basket.  Then I remembered: I had grabbed it when cleaning the bottom of the shower one day, in too much of a hurry to get the scourer from the kitchen. That's what comes of having one's house on the market:  I am constantly having to be prepared for anyone coming to view and I keep finding places that have to be urgently cleaned. For the last few weeks, we have been painting, fixing, cleaning - all of which I find extremely boring but I have to face facts: we have to sell this year and try to enter retirement without any debt. I discover I am very sad to even think of saying goodbye to the house we have lived in for 22 years but we have to move and I am trying to look upon retirement as a new adventure.


  1. 22 years is a very long time, but I think you are right in eliminating debt before retirement. It must be very difficult to think of moving when you have been in one place for so long.
    Personally, I could use someone inspecting my apartment periodically so that I might keep it clean. As is, well there is much to be desired.

  2. No good intention(diet/cleanliness) goes unpunished. But your post did give me a chuckle.

  3. I think we inherit our ideas about house-cleaning from our mothers. I have one friend who is so fanatical about it she had to have psychological treatment. Fortunately for me, my mother kept her house pretty decent but believed that jigsaws, gardening and sewing were much more important.

  4. The Sponge Thief :)

    I live in a large house with my husband and 3 teen aged daughters. Your story makes me wonder if we will ever leave it. I can't imagine. I've lived in many homes and just do not want to move again. So much work, as you know.

    Best wishes to you as you prepare to leave your home. I know your new home will be worth all the effort.