Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Hungry Vacuum Cleaner and the Popping PC

I've had to shut my computer down over Christmas, owing mostly to an invasive and insistent popping sound which I couldn't solve.... now back in business after a hectic Christmas and surfing on my i-pad (thank goodness for backup),  I discovered that the culprit was a non-Apple number pad, which having served me well for two years, developed internal electrical problems which upset my computer. (At least, that's how my husband explained it.) So. Happy New Year, everyone!  I thought I would share a cautionary tale to start off with. I was hastily vacuuming my bedroom two days ago when in a surge of unsolicited energy, I pushed the machine too far under my husband's bedside table and it sucked up (I swear at the speed of light), the charging cord of my husband's new i-phone 5. Thence resulted horrendous chewing and crunching noises and I extracted a completely destroyed brand-new cord.  I then engaged on a secret mission to replace it immediately (with our worthless currency at the moment, I will merely say that it cost me the price of a week's groceries). In the nick of time, as we went over to visit our daughter, who had to move house in 1st January, and in the rush she couldn't find her charger cord and asked her dad if she could borrow his for a few hours (phew!). Otherwise, I have one New Year Resolution: I would like to take ballroom dancing lessons. This is something I really love, but my husband has two left feet and so we never dance. I shall look into it today.  This year will be one of changes and challenges for us with M due to retire in August. Maybe he will stay to the end of the year? Maybe we'll move? Maybe we won't. Lots of numbers to crunch.....


  1. Accidents happen, but they are always so much more amusing when they happen to someone else.

    1. Yeh, right. I shall remember to say, as my husband does (when he finds out, which he always does), "Of course, I did it on purpose"

  2. Wow, you have been cranking out posts and somehow I missed them. Well the vacuum may have got the charger cord, but at least it did not get the phone.

    With as many saw blades as your husband has drove through his body and other mishaps, he has no room to criticize you sucking up a cord. The frigging charger doesn't leak red blood all over the damn place. While I suppose that having a mishap with your body should elicit some compassion, It still obviates the divine right to be critical of others.

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