Friday, 10 January 2014

Hoping Against Hope

I've come across two examples of this maxim in the last couple of months: now I understand from whence it comes.  I advertised an extractor fan on our local website, specifying it as 700 mm wide.   This elicited the enquiry: "Is it a 600?"  I've now put an ad for a high school blazer (big son's) on another website, describing it as LARGE, suit 17-year old and have had to answer the question, "Will it fit my skinny 13-year old?"  The answer, unsurprisingly was "No", to both. People.  I've still got both items: obviously, no demand for them. Note to self: think I will take a new photo of the blazer with self inside - thus sleeves will hand over my fingertips and blazer will reach to my knees. Maybe that will solve the problem.


  1. I think there is a secret to selling things on line but I sure do not know what it might be.

  2. Not all stupidity is exasperating. A friend of mine had a garage sale. He had a stool he wanted $5 for and a filing cabinet that was going for $10. This duffer comes up and goes through the motions, a real bargain hunter this guy. "Suppose I give you $20 for both." "Sold!"