Saturday, 4 January 2014

Do-it-Yourself - Pool Leak

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New direct line to pool pump
Offending silicon & duct tape

"Found the leak!"
It is only now that we are selling the house that we are attempting to fix everything. After three visits from the pool man, my husband sent him packing and had to make time to find the leak himself, muttering darkly to me to enquire as to the man's qualifications, not least did he have one in Practical Hydraulics (part of the 5-year apprenticeship my husband in another life as an aircraft technician. Amusingly, everyone calls themselves an 'engineer' these days. My husband would never call himself that. When he was an aircraft technician, they mostly had to diagnose and fix problems for the engineers who had a lot of theoretical knowledge, but were stumped by the practical application. Other jobs we are now doing, painting - inside and out, fixing damp caused by astronomical amounts of rain this last winter and generally pruning our possessions. Actually, it feels quite good and I am looking forward to this new phase in our lives, both the challenges and the fears.


  1. Funny how we get a house just the way we want it right before moving out.

  2. As Olga said, weird isn't it.

    When your husband is done I have a lot of repairs he could do here :)

  3. Having worked both sides of the engineering / technician divide, I have a understanding of both worlds. In engineering, every thing hangs square, the world is level, parts are concentric, and threads are perfect. In the technician's world the parts hang cockeyed, the floor is not level, the parts have an interference fit, and threads, especially those of stainless steel, often gall.

    On the other side of the fence, when I worked as a tech, I worked on the job for 8 hour and went home. When I worked in engineering I was responsible for that job 24/7. I may have left the plant, but the job was still with me in the form or worry and telephone calls and late night returns to work. Different worlds with different concerns. I slept far better as a tech.

    Good luck with your new life. Its a lot to worry about, but it all seems to work.

    1. I did reply to you already, Sextant, but for some reason it has not appeared here. I hoped to provoke you a little, as I have missed you over the festive season. Thank you for your measured and insightful reply, as always.