Thursday, 12 December 2013

Rain - Boo - Nation

 African tradition, rain is a lucky sign at funerals - luckily

Such was the apt headline in one of our dailies yesterday, after Nelson's massive Memorial service the day before.  Very long indeed - some 6 hours if you count from when the dignatories started arriving, even longer for those disciples who braved the torrential rain which continued all day and left their homes as early as 4.00 am. to get to the venue. Oh how boring were the speeches, except for Mr Obama's - his was as brilliant as always (remember we are not used to charismatic speakers over here). A fascinating day in many respects. Some of the foreign guests were clearly taken aback at the jubilant mood and in many cases, colorful dress of the crowd. But South Africans were in a mood to celebrate rather than mourn. Then some of the visitors relaxed, perhaps too much - witness the 'selfie' posed for by Mr Obama, Mr Cameron and the (very pretty) Danish President. British newspapers newspapers made much of this and there was much good-natured teasing about it in the House of Commons. No-one here that it worth mentioning. Oddly, the foreign Press did not seem much concerned about the loud boos from the crowd every time the State President appeared on the Big Screens. Not appropriate for the occasion, some said. Others applauded the chance that frustrated South Africans took to make sure the world knew they were disenchanted with our shady, self-seeking President with an aura of corruption around him so heavy I am surprised he can still walk. Today, the big talking point concerns the so-called Sign Language Interpreter, who the deaf community are calling a complete fake.  Did you see the video clips?  Have a look. HIs face is dead-pan, he does not move his lips, looks straight ahead and, according to the experts, simply waves his hands about with no vestige of resemblance to any known sign language, either local or international.  The big question is, "Who hired him?"  Probably, like everything else here that is 'under investigation', nothing will happen, no-one will admit guilt, no-one will step down from any high position and no-one will be punished.  We must be a laughing stock overseas.


  1. The world has lost a great man, but I understand the impulse to celebrate his life.

  2. With the ubiquitous camera phones, one can hardly pick their nose any longer without it becoming world wide headlines. I like the selfie myself. You see three leaders taking a moment to do a very human thing. I suppose it would be very proper if they sat with stone faces and observed protocol. These people drop their drawers to take a crap just like the rest of us, why get into a swoon when they demonstrate that they are human just like the rest of us. What would Nelson have done if he were with them?

    Mandela was 95, yes the world lost a good man, but his passing is hardly an untimely tragedy. It is well worth celebrating about.

    Well if you think having an inept signer at a state memorial is worthy of being the laughing stock of the world, what do say about setting up a national health care website that crashes and underperforms for months. Its hard to believe that other countries have had comprehensive plans for years and we can't even get people signed up. I suppose we should take great pride, our House of Representatives finally passed a budget.