Monday, 25 November 2013

Food Routine or Routine Food and other related thoughts

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Just read Bossy Betty's post and resultant comments, in which she observes that most of us eat the same breakfast every day, but vary lunch or dinner. As she says, wouldn't we go insane eating the same dinner every night?  I guess that depends on which part of the world you live in and your economic status. If you are well off, it also depends on how interested you are in food. Our Medical Aid magazine advocates lots of healthy easy-to-make meals but they involve expensive ingredients like fillet steak or smoked salmon.  When my husband is away, I just buy cans of baked beans and indulge twice a day in beans on toast with a glass of milk.  Once when I was alone for two weeks, I ate this all the time, varied by a helping of ice cream.  I loathe routine.  Once I thought I just couldn't bear the idea of getting up every morning and having to face myself in the mirror to wash my face and clean my teeth. Of course, I had to get over that. As far as food is concerned, it just isn't of great interest to me - but that's because I only really get excited about fresh cream cakes or dessert - which I dare not eat.  My daughter is married to an ex-restauranteur, who expects imaginative and amazing dishes every night, and won't eat the same item in a 3-week time span.  My daughter is constantly striving to live up to these expectations. She is now married for 7 years.  I have been married for 35 and am heartily bored with cooking. However, my daughter has introduced me to a website, where 'The Doorstep Chef' delivers marvellous meals to your home, Monday to Friday (or any day you want) for such a reasonable price I can't see how they can make a profit. I got very excited about this, as my daughter says the meals are terrific, but my stick-in-the-mud husband says as I don't 'work' I have plenty of time to think of an evening meal and besides I have lots of free meat in our big deep freeze, from our farmer relatives who always bring us supplies when they come to stay. The trouble is I am not fond of meat. No, I could easily eat a bowl of rice or similar every day for my evening meal and not worry at all as long as my stomach was full. On another level, I've always envied anyone who gets a uniform to wear to work. That would suit me down to the ground. I live in my head, not in my outside or in my stomach.  Hmm, I see my theme is somewhat at variance with my claim not to like routine.  What I mean is, someone else imposing a routine on me, if I do it myself, that's different.


  1. I have actually eaten my share of bean sandwiches, but every time I see reference to them it just cracks me up--the pure Britishness of it.

    1. What amuses me is that "The Secret Millionaire" guys (British), when left to cater for themselves, also resort to baked beans on toast.