Friday, 8 November 2013

Fear of the Dentist's Bill - Catch 22

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My husband has known for the last 12 months that he needed major dental work on his back molars but went visibly pale at the size of the quote and so put it on the back burner.  His teeth started hurting in that area about six months ago, but, having simultaneously other health problems, more financially pressing at the time, he again ignored the signs.  Currently,  after some weeks of severe pain, he finally went to see our dentist, who prescribed an antibiotic in case of an abcess, measured him up for the necessary treatment and sent the updated quote.  To date, neither of us has summoned the courage to open the e-mail attachment (what horrors await?).  The antibiotic was finished a week ago, but the pain has now progressed along the side of his jaw.  Another week to go before the first available appointment.  Now it's painkillers and anti-inflammatories. And bad tempers all round.  Were the old days better when I lived in the UK and every 'old' person I knew had identical sets of false teeth which cost nothing?  I only know that my aunt's have never fitted properly, her cheeks have caved in, and she struggles to chew anything and my grandfather's used to clack up and down loosely and noisily while he ate. Just thought I would share those thoughts.


  1. Thirty-two gold mines in everyone's head. Wished there was a good answer. Good luck to your husband.

    1. Thanks. We should have perhaps lived in a part of the country where they added fluoride to the water when we were little.