Thursday, 17 October 2013

Human Nature

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My husband and I have long enjoyed watching Storage Wars with Dave Hester and the guys, but have wondered all along how certain really valuable items could be left to languish amongst otherwise ordinary household stuff.  Could they have been planted?  Huh!  It's taken a while - but just last week-end there was an article in our Sunday paper about how Dave Hester had blown the whistle on this very same matter and had been sacked by the network in 2012.  The other thing was,  we would have been extremely interested to hear the history of how come these lockers have come to be abandoned, resulting in their being eventually auctioned off to the highest bidder.  I now read that the 'network' (in its wisdom), decided that the sad stories of death/divorce/accident etc. would be unpalatable for the anticipated audience.  How wrong could they be.  Those are exactly the kind of stories that cry out to be told and it's been a constant frustration that we have watched all these shows with our curiosity unsatisfied. After all,  that's the secret of why most of us are addicted to all kinds of drama,  from 'true-life' police stories or movies to scary books.  We are just so relieved that none of this bad stuff has happened to us and we count our blessings, or alternatively,  we are equally pleased that the sort of bad stuff that has happened to us - also happens to others.  Wake up network.  I don't think I can watch Storage Wars any more though: the betrayal is too great.  We'll stick to American Restoration - our other favorite show.

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