Thursday, 10 October 2013

Instructions for Dummies

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When it comes to technical stuff e.g. how to operate a new appliance - in this case a smart, state-of-the-art (say my children) SMEG dishwasher, I usually rely on my husband.  However, things never work when you have guests, so when I was faced with a row of flashing lights when trying to get our new dishwasher to start, I wasn't surprised when none of us - including my husband - could get the bally thing to work.  I even read the instruction book cover-to-cover, especially the 'Trouble-shooting' section.  After scratching our heads, we all went to bed, leaving a full load to cope with in the morning.  The next day, I put my clothes washer on (which shares the same pipes) and although I thought it was a bit slow to fill up, I didn't give it much thought until later, when I heard it straining to start the rinse cycle. LIGHT BULB MOMENT.  Neither machine had access to cold water. I turned the relevant tap on and voila - both machines happy and working.  Hubby had apparently had to fix a leak and had forgotten to turn the tap back on. How come the booklet hadn't said, "Does your machine have access to water?"  Do they not understand that there are no depths to which dummies may not sink?


  1. My brother in law is a master at video contraptions...due to the fact that I seldom watch TV, I have no knowledge of wife does all the taping and playing back and channel crap, DVD, and all that. I can hook the crap up but how to operate it, I could care less. Anyhow my BIL always makes a bit of a production out of my ignorance of all things video.

    Ha Ha. I got some revenge. He bought his first lap top and was asking me where he could buy a mouse small enough to fit that tiny mouse pad at the bottom of the keyboard! He is looking for a baby mouse to run on the track pad! Touche you dip shit. Not only did I marvel that he didn't know what a track pad was, but that he asked me the video dumb ass of the world where he could buy an tiny mouse! Double dip shit!

    1. That one takes the cake. Even I knew about the track pad. Your BIL must be the world's worst, beating even your good self.