Sunday, 27 October 2013

Teenage Boys!

This is part of our little flat - zebra pic we took in Nat.Park

We've been really busy lately, fitting out our little flat from top to bottom to catch the High season holiday rentals over Christmas and New Year.  So much have we spent/borrowed on our Access Bond, that the bank informed us last week, that we can't have any more as we are showing no signs of paying it all back in the seven years remaining.  Well, they don't know of our plans, nor of our flat purchase, so I suppose you can't blame them. Luckily, they gave us 72 hours to borrow as much as we liked, so we gave it careful thought - and borrowed a bit more than we thought we would need.  During the course of checking out our prospective rental agent's references, (luckily, they came back glowing with praise),  one of her referees asked if by chance he could stay in our flat for one night, as he would be in town to visit his son at boarding school and his own flat (in our complex) is rented out. Nervously, I agreed and was galvanized into a frenzy of 'finishing touches'. Luckily, he only wanted hot water, towels and a bed, and he collected the key from my house, promising to return it the next day into my letter box, as I would be out at the time.  This duly came to pass and when I got home in the afternoon after his stay,  I opened my letterbox to find - no sign of my own key, but a sizeable bunch of keys with labels with his name on.  (??) Panic stations.  I dialled his mobile phone and got the message "I am overseas at the moment...."  Increase panic! Would my flat have been cleaned out - it's not insured yet?  I phoned the agent and she assured me not to worry - the gentleman does usually work out of the country, but he has been a good client of theirs for years.  I e-mailed him and asked for an explanation and later that morning he phoned me.  Turns out he had not been aware of the mix-up until he received my e-mail.  He had asked his 14-year-old son to put the key in the letterbox and not noticed that the boy had simply grabbed the first bunch he found in the car's glove compartment.  Having had two teenage sons of my own, I totally understand. Of course, I do have a spare.  Note to self:  get lots of spare keys. I'll pass his on to our agent. 


  1. Fourteen you say? Well he will be out of commission for another 10 to 15 years. Testosterone poisoning. How did the guy like your flat?

    I still have bouts of mindlessness from it.

  2. He like it fine - suggested only that we get a mat for the bathroom floor. NB What are you having 'bouts of mindlessness about'??

    1. Excessive squirts of testosterone causing mindlessness. Something like a mild form of insulin shock. How can one have a bout of mindlessness about something? Wouldn't mindlessness by definition be characterized by nothing?

    2. You are entering the realms of philosophy now, but yes, I guess maybe these days the lack of testosterone is responsible for a fair amount of empty-headedness/mindlessness, ditto lack of oestrogen.

    3. Oh come on you were egging me on to give one of my outrageous answers and I didn't take the bait. If I start philosophizing it is because I have had a dose of testosterone poisoning. If I start quoting poetry you know it will be fatal.