Monday, 30 September 2013

When you Know you Love your Child

Small son with big brother

I've sometimes had a sneaky feeling that I might not love small son as much as I should - so does he drive me nuts with his untidy bedroom,  carelessly knocking dents into his/my car, being totally unable to tell me in the morning whether he will be home for a meal at night and numerous other irritating habits.  At the age of 24, he is still living at home. On Saturday night, he went off to yet another party with friends and on Sunday morning, my husband's cell phone rang, small son's indistinct voice said,  "Daddy? daddy?  (not hearing us this side)...."I've had an...."   and his phone went dead.  ACCIDENT!  supplied my mind immediately and my nerves went into overdrive,  I started shaking, couldn't eat my breakfast,  wanted to jump in my car and drive over to the suburb, he was reputedly in, phone the police and all the hospitals.  Ten minutes later the house phone rang.  "Oh, daddy, I've had an IDEA..."  I can't tell you the enormous relief at the sound of his voice, relating some plans for the day.  It was one time in my life when I have not minded feeling like a fast-deflating balloon.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Leaving the Littlies....

Them being brave

When my daughter announced a year ago that she and her husband would like to get away for a week, leaving their children with me and the other granny, I didn't give it much thought - it was so far away.  It happened last week.  Hence no blog posts - the children are now 5 1/2 and 2 1/2.  My daughter let slip, as they were on the way to the airport and thence to Bali, that the little one had run a high temperature during the night and had vomited and her brother had complained of a sore ear.  To this end, she had booked them an appointment with the family doctor to which I should take them the next day.  I am sure I need not detail the traumatic week-end that followed, the tears, the vomit, the raging temperatures, the heart-breaking "I want my mommy" and "when is my mommy coming back", and "is my mommy coming to fetch me NOW?"  We survived and of course, both children were full of beans the next day, having consumed their first two doses of antibiotics and well able to enjoy their cousin's birthday party.  Thankfully, the other granny took over during the week and we had them again only for the last two nights.  As an interesting perspective, I would like to relate the comment the 5-year-old made when we were on the way to the airport to fetch the parents:  "My mommy has been away so long, she is going to be so old when she comes back".  I have never been more grateful to see someone arrive back from a vacation safe and sound.  And I have been vocal about my disapproval of anyone leaving small children for so long. 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Internet Dating.

Google image

Just a few thoughts because - no, I haven't done it, neither do I want to or need to (at the moment) but I might consider it one day.  What interests me is, having heard quite a few discussions on the subject, why do people choose to misrepresent themselves when writing up their profiles and posting their photograph? If you are looking for a companion for whatever reason, surely it makes sense to be as honest as possible?  I don't mean revealing any personal details that could lead to identity fraud,  but rather the other stuff, interests, likes etc. If you don't do this, how great will be the disappointment when you actually arrange to meet a real person? Something that amazes me - why do so many people rate a 'sense of humor' so highly?  There is one lady where I volunteer, who seems to find everything hilarious and she bursts out laughing every five minutes. It drives me nuts. I've always been rather a serious person myself although I do enjoy a good laugh as much as the next person, but one a week would suffice. Sometimes I laugh even less often than that. I recognise that I seek out the serious stuff in life.  I like movies that are tragic and make me cry,  I enjoy thrillers and forensic detection. I like the Swedish writers - has there ever been a better trilogy than "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"?  I digress. I am not right now looking for kindred spirits. I think perhaps some people who use these websites are simply desperate - and so they lie. No wonder so many report bad experiences.  Actually, I must steer clear of the things: I recall in my youth, during my dating years, most of the guys I went out with I felt sorry for. They tended to be either a bit of an underdog, pathetic for some reason and definitely stood behind the door when good looks were handed out. By the time I could bring myself to dump them, I really despised them and dreaded going out on a date. This developed into a Catch 22, whereby I would feel bad and doubly sorry for them, and thus the sorry situation would drag on. No, I must stay away from the idea of Internet Dating. Now I must go and read some blogs - everyone has written good stuff this week.