Monday, 29 July 2013

Resorting to Science

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I usually don't have to find ways to get my husband to agree to my whims but sometimes he digs in his heels.  After several near misses over time, I finally slipped on the shower gel foam and fell last week, falling across the sharp edge of the shower frame, having bumped the door open as I fell. I have a long knife-edge-shaped bruise on my rear-end to prove it. Hubby was cleaning his teeth at the time and was entirely unfazed, not missing a beat as he half turned and disinterestedly asked, "what happened to you?" (I was back on my feet by then.) I thought I had a good idea and asked if we could get a plastic non-slip mat with suckers underneath for the shower - I would cut a hole where the water was to go down the plughole and it would be attractively transparent with perhaps little decals of colourful fish inside. Hubby was against this: rather, he said, he would make me a slatted, waterproofed, wooden mat. This would be much better in his opinion. My heart sank - everything he makes is so sturdy and heavy, always designed to last: witness a couple of coffee tables he has made which I can't move and which therefore have collected dust bunny feet under their legs.  Besides, he never finds himself in danger of slipping in the shower, so can't see why I have a problem. I have pointed out with my tenuous grasp of the laws of physics that this must be a function of gravity and suction - he is much heavier than I am and therefore more attached to the ground.  I have backed up this argument by pointing out that if I step backwards, not noticing him standing behind me in the kitchen, he doesn't move whereas I rebound a foot or so forward. Am I right? Or is there such a thing as non-slip shower gel?


  1. It is all stability, coefficient of friction, and center of gravity. Hubby looks solid and low to the ground. You are tall and willowy.

    I vote for the matt. Nobody ever got a splinter of a rubber mat. When a cheap solution that won't break your back exists why make a solution?

    1. I half expected you to say "Take a bath" (but we have water restrictions). I forgot to add that hubby takes a 'C' fitting shoe compared to my "AA" and he has a tendency to walk 'duck' fashion although he vehemently denies this. I am sure this also adds to his stability. Many thanks for the 'tall and willowy' but I am actually only 5'5". He is six foot.

    2. OK, this boils down to the fact that he is literally built like a brick shit house. You are only figuratively so.