Tuesday, 23 July 2013

More Serious Cases of Dropsy/Whoopsy

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I thought we were over the accidentally-breaking-things epidemic for a while but we've been busy bees lately and some more of our possessions have come under the hammer (so to speak).  We were working at our other house last week-end, hubby was putting in a gas hob so that we can have an alternate source of power during possible electricity shortages. We have not yet afforded to put a decent granite worktop in that kitchen, and just have a temporary (loose) hardboard across the top of the bottom cupboards. As hubby had done this work himself, he knew he could just shove this item sideways in order to have more space to remove the previous glass-top hob. I heard an ominous crash: it seems hubby had forgotten to screw the crockery-filled end cupboard into the wall and it had toppled over, breaking six of my favourite pudding bowls in its descent. A few hard and incredulous comments escaped me, before I buttoned my lip, knowing that his riposte would be as always, "I'm sure I did it on purpose!"  The next day, we returned home, in time to see a large crack in the recently-fixed rear bumper of small son's car. He had been to sleep at big son's house while they were on holiday and had to leave for work in the dark one morning, forgetting that big son's driveway has a kink in it to avoid an unfortunately positioned lamppost on the pavement. I was about to remonstrate with small son and then remembered.....last week, I had doped myself up with cold and flu medications, feeling very groggy and had (perhaps dopily?) reversed my car into my garage - with the hatchback open, having just returned from the shops and emptied the trunk. I heard an ominous crunch and jumped out to find a small dent in my car and the bottom beading and first wooden plank almost ripped off the garage door. I've done my best to hammer and glue these back into place - just waiting for hubby to notice one of these days. Until then, I'll button my lip. When he does find out, I'll just say, "I'm sure I did it on purpose!"

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  1. Destruction and mayhem on the loose in Cape Town. Three members of the Fifty Odd gang have been ordered out of the city and not to return until they get themselves sorted out.

    Well things happen in threes according to my wife. So maybe all will be well for a while.