Friday, 26 July 2013

Buttering up

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There are ways and means of doing/saying things which elicit various reactions in one's beloved life partner, depending on how carefully one has chosen one's words/actions. To this end, before I confess to my husband about that latest tiny dent in my car I am spending this week being particularly nice to him and doing things which I know he has appreciated.  To date, it being Friday, I have cooked several of his favorite meals, I have finally tackled and successfully removed the black mold high up on the bathroom walls, I have washed my car, made sure his favorite shirt and matching socks were available for an important meeting, and I have been particularly pleasant and sympathetic re his health and work woes. I did show the tiny dent to big son, who after a sharp intake of breath said: "But it's a sharp one, mommy" which apparently means, it may be small - but its nasty. I hasten to mention that I am not in the least afraid of my husband's reaction, it's just that there have been such a series of things lately....  Still, I would like to sweeten the pill as much as possible, remembering that I do have two useful weapons in my armory: the first is that I could remind him of the time that we borrowed my brother's car to holiday in the UK and on the way up to Scotland, hubby was so excited to see a large ferry from Ireland about to dock in a seaside town, that he drove too quickly up to the harbor wall and dented the (albeit old) Merc's bumper. My brother was very gracious about it.  Secondly, hubby has never tired of saying to visiting friends to whom he has often lent our cars when they worried about possible accidents, "People are more important than things," (incidentally quoting his mother). That should do the trick. I'll let you know how he reacts.

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  1. You could also remind hubby of his habit of injuring himself. How many times have I read that hubby needed stitches for this or that? A dent is nothing more than an injury on our extended bodies.