Thursday, 6 June 2013

Giggle from Cold Cape Town

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I have to confess that 'cold' to us is a relative concept, not meaning snow or frost. Indeed, even our nighttime temperatures rarely go below 8 or 9 degrees C. No, cold to us means heavy rain for perhaps three days on end after the passing of one of our rainless summers, before the sun shines again. Thus, most of us here don't know the meaning of the words 'central heating' but when it rains we feel exaggeratedly chilly and make a great fuss. So it was that my husband instructed me to ask Big Son to return our oil heater which has been on long-term loan to him for the last three years, since he and his family returned to SA from the UK and lived in a flat which suffered from damp. As they also had a new baby, we 'lent' them our tumble-dryer as well.  "Tell him," my husband said,"that we are freezing our a......s off here."  Further, I was not to feel sorry for them as Big Son had let slip that he had spent £75 on a light for his bicycle while working in the UK last month. So I duly made the request in these very words as soon as Big Son next set foot in my house. Somewhat taken aback,  "I thought you gave us that heater", (Big son's memory is short), he agreed to return it.  Five minutes later, my telephone rang: my daughter, "Please tell M that we are freezing our a.......s off over here, and can he please give back the gas heater we asked him to look after while we moved house."  Shame.  I didn't feel I could ask for the tumble-dryer on the same day. I'll leave that until the next 'cold' spell.


  1. We are raining and it is 18 C. What a relief. I am sick of the hot weather we have had. It will soon be back but it is lovely today. Meanwhile all the TV weather people are apologizing for the terrible weather. If you are not sweating, knee deep in snow or floods, or sitting in bunker wondering what will be left of your house, it is not terrible weather!

    It has been an odd year here, we seem to vary from February to July (northern hemisphere) in three day steps. I really miss our old springs that had March, April, and May.

    Funny how kids always hear a different set of terms and conditions.

    1. Sextant, you are so funny, I wish you would turn your linguistic skills into writing a book. Have you thought of it?

    2. I tried writing a book in the early 90s. Fortunately, I realized that it was terrible and never subjected myself to the distinct pleasure of having dozens of publishers tell me so.

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