Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Retro Cautionary True Story

google image - only in India?

When my husband worked at SAA in a former life, there were not so many safety factors as are around today. The staircase up to the plane had to be pushed up to the doorway for the passengers to ascend and as the plane got heavier the more people boarded, so the top step would sink a little, sometimes quite a lot. One day the gap was so wide, a little old lady, struggling up with her hand luggage, fell completely through onto the Tarmac and was killed. Her hand luggage was found to weigh 28 kilograms! Several thoughts spring to mind. My first thought was "Crikey, how strong she must have been!" My    Husband once staggered up the steps with 20 kilos of frozen warthog in his hand luggage (also many years ago), with quite a strained expression on his face but he's quite a big man. Other thoughts - why did no-one try to help her?  Today, there are x-ray machines etc but here, especially on our domestic routes, airport staff turn a blind eye when passengers take last minute extra hand luggage from relatives just before they go through the security gate. This practice often means there is not enough space in the overhead lockers to the annoyance of law-abiding travelers. But there it is, there are no sanctions, when people realize they can get away with things, they will. What was in that old lady's luggage must have been worth it to die for. Wonder what it was?


  1. That's a mystery that will never be solved! But I noticed that when I traveled to visit my cousins recently, I was lifting a suitcase -- not that heavy and quite expertly, I thought -- to the overhead bin and a young woman passenger turned around and said "Oh, let me do that!" And, when I was arriving home, a young woman with a cane and leg brace who was sitting on a bench in the pick up area of the airport, asked me if I would like to take her seat. The young man sitting beside her was oblivious. I told her I was fine standing. But I find it interesting that those most likely to help elderly people turn out to be young women. I agree that people taking much too much on board with them are so annoying....although airlines have worked to limit that recently here in the U.S.

  2. 28 Kilograms! The lady must have liked shoes...steel toed ones.

    1. It really is unbelievably heavy. I asked my husband if he had misheard and it was really lbs but he insisted it was kilos. Amazing.

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