Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Case of Dropsy

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No, not the mediaeval term for fluid gathering in various parts of the body: we have had a spate of dropping and breaking things.  Our excuse is that nothing has been in it's rightful place because our cupboards were emptied after our flood and stuff has been stacked precariously all over the place. Still, I'm not sure that is really why I broke four wine glasses and a flower vase during a two-week period, and my husband - two clocks. Without further explanation, one might be tempted to think that I am an alcoholic who staggers about the house constantly inebriated and tripping over things, and that my husband has a grudge against clocks. Not so. Each casualty has a perfectly reasonable explanation - in my case, I am always in a hurry and clumsy by nature whereas my husband side-swiped one clock off the wall while trying to carry a pile of chairs back to the kitchen and the other while pulling a wire through the wall to re-connect the televisions to each other. Neither of us has the best of eyesight. Our very worst has been that we dropped our newly acquired i-pad and were surprised that it's glass broke and astonished at the cost of replacement. Luckily, I had remembered to insure it and the insurance paid for the repair in full.....Well, after that really uninteresting post, I plan to attract more readers to my blog by entitling the next one,  "Granny Porn". No, really, watch this space.....


  1. Both my wife and I have dropsy days, where you can't seem to keep things in your hand. Kind of nervous jumpy days and the dropping just goes along with the jumpiness. It does not happen often, but I hate those days.

    Hmmm, granny porn? OK, I am watching this space...

  2. My husband swears that glass items just topple over of their own accord when I walk into a room in an attempt to save themselves from being bashed about by me. Wine glasses, pitchers, tabletops--I have done my fair share of damage.