Thursday, 9 May 2013

Well, fancy that!

Big son's car  - flames extinguished

You may remember big son's elderly Merc has been languishing at the garage as a result of a fire in the engine. It's been nearly three weeks now that we have been awaiting the results of the insurance assessor's investigation.  Turns out he has been scratching his head as, once the engine had been cleaned out of all the debris after the blaze (mostly smoke and one or two flames in fact), there was absolutely no damage to the car. The electrics are working perfectly, the brake pads are fine and no oil was spilt.  You can just see, if you know what you are looking at, the remains of a rat's nest, near to the exhaust pipe and on top of the Merc's protective metal plate at the bottom of the engine. Like snakes, cats and various other animals, rats also like a warm place to sleep. A light bulb had gone on when someone mentioned that their son had also had a fire in his engine and a rat's nest was the culprit.  I accompanied a much-relieved big son to the panel shop to fetch his car today, grateful that his car's engine was so well protected from fire.  It wasn't a good week otherwise for them: his wife's car was subject to a smash-and-grab last Saturday, so we've been juggling around available vehicles for them. (Big son is very in love with my scooter and my daughter-in-law now much fancies my Mercedes A170). Thankfully, they now both have their vehicles back - and so do I.


  1. I am glad to hear that you have your vehicles back. A rat's nest all around for a while there.

  2. Well glad to hear that the fire was not destructive, well the rats may have a different idea. Must of got a little toasty for them.