Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A Matter of Perception

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I got a bit carried away with our 'bespoke' kitchen, in that when the guys asked me where I would like to position the handles on the cupboards, I demonstrated with great authority my preference: the handles were duly screwed in on all the cupboards on one side of the kitchen.  Thereafter, I realised I had made a mistake: when I stood back and looked - they were definitely too high. Too late to change my mind. However, to rectify the error on at least the other side of the room, I asked them to position all those handles 1/2 inch lower, reasoning that you can't easily look at both sides of the room at the same time, and if you don't expect to see this small difference, you won't. This has proved to be true: I especially didn't tell my husband and even his critical eye has noticed nothing. In the same way, since having the bags under my eyes removed last week, my face has gone from supporting two pendulous, purple testicles after 24 hours, to purple grape-sized bruises on the second day, to small peas on the third and so on.  After a week, on the night that I went to Book Club, which was the day after the stitches were removed, I thought I looked almost normal, just with yellowish/green bruising which I thought well-concealed with make-up.  One lady asked discreetly if I had had a sleepless night while another demanded to know if I had been in an accident. It all depends on your frame of reference.  NB. This lady is not me - but my bags were similar to her 'before' picture so I hope I look as good after.  Takes about 3 - 4 months. PS I think this lady had her nose done as well?


  1. Good thing you got rid of those purple testicles before you went to the book club. The ladies may have thought you had a sex change operation that really went bad.

    Good luck with your healing.

    1. Hee, hee! Sorry I can't think of much to write about lately. The urge assails me but not so much the content. Must be getting old.

    2. I am suffering from the same problem, but no longer have the urge. Too damned lazy for my own good.