Tuesday, 30 April 2013

You're So Vain...

When that popped into my head as a title for this post, for some reason I was convinced it was a Beatles' song. I googled to make sure: well, what do you know - it was Carly Simon. What would we do without the Internet?  Anyway, this is about me trying to thread the four needles on my ancient Toyota Overlocker machine.  It is about 15 years since I have used it as it was a rather basic model and I always struggled to get the tension right every time I changed the cotton.  I've just been using the zig-zag on my Husquvarna sewing machine instead.  Now with the big 'clear-out' I have determined to get this machine working again or to sell it.  They came to put the new carpet in my study yesterday, so while I kept a beady eye on them, I spent a happy hour threading up three of the needles of this machine according to the instruction book and an unhappy hour trying every which way to get the last (and simplest) one done. Not a chance.  Not to be defeated I tried a torch, a magnifying glass, licking and squeezing the cotton, repeatedly cutting the thread with a sharp scissors, squinting at the miniscule hole with alternate eyes shut, varying my focal length and finally cursing the inescapable fact that my eyes are not what they were. I waited for big son to emerge from his office on a tea-break and asked him to have a go.  No problem.  One attempt: job done. I have decided to sell the otherwise perfectly working machine on the grounds that I have heard that these days you can get a miracle machine with a self-threader.  The optician did warn me that multi-focal contact lenses would never be as good as glasses. What can I say? I'm too vain.


  1. I think those machines are a nightmare to thread under any circumstances. I would never have the patience.
    I love my NECCI, but I think that they recently went out of production.

    1. All the good stuff gets discontinued - it lasts too long.

  2. A little vanity never hurt anyone, but does make threading a needle a PIA.

    I always thought the lyrics to "Your so vain" to be rather idiotic. She sings all about what this guy is doing and then on the refrain:

    "You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you
    You're so vain, I'll bet you think this song is about you
    Don't you? Don't You?"

    Well the stupid ass song is about him so for him not to be vain by the song's definition, he would have to an imbecile.

    Looking for intellectual content in pop songs. I think I need a life.

    1. I have to admit that this song had a catchy tune so I've always remembered that part. Unlike you, I never engage my brain when listening (rarely since the Beatles and Abba) to a pop song. How you do torture yourself. (Am trying to avoid my annoying habit of constantly using exclamation marks.) Have you noticed?

    2. I can't discern most lyrics, perhaps a blessing! I alway wondered why Niel Diamond sang a song about Selsun Blue which is a dandruff shampoo and Reverend Blue Jeans!

      I have never noticed your annoying tendency to use exclamation points! Maybe because what you write is exciting and worthy of exclamation! I for the most part don't care about the use of punctuation...I over do ellipses--and dashes! There are two things that bother me in modern internet writing! Emoticons and text/tweet talk...u no wot i mene! I especially despise the use of that stupid smilely face after someone has criticized or demeaned you! Example:

      "I find your constant use of exclamation points very annoying, haven't you ever heard of the period or question mark?

      Do you just think that all this crap you say is really important? : ) "

      So what exactly does that mean? I think you are a total ass, but here is a little smilely face to make you feel better? Or despite the fact that you are a total ass and I find you extremely annoying, I still maintain optimism about the human condition as indicated by my use of this smiley face! Or indeed you are a stupid ass, but its OK for me to insult you because I moderate it with this smiley face! Or its OK for me to insult you as long as I end it with a smiley face! LOL!

      Another thing I hate is excessively crabby people bitching about innocent little habits! Damn I am coming to despise myself! LMAOROFIV! ; ) !!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I am just so relieved - I had heard somewhere that it is bad form in writing to use exclamation marks. Your comments are most heartening. I am calm and relaxed at the moment - had the rest of my eye surgery (bags) yesterday. A trying 24 hours of not being allowed to open my eyes. ....going to lie down again now as liquids need to drain. Overdid things this pm probably as bruised erstwhile bags now look a little like plum-coloured testicles....