Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Mother Love. Not.

It has been a bit of a disastrous month for our family in general. Last Saturday, big son & family were going to join us at our holiday house: their car's engine burst into flames as they were leaving town to the extent that even the fire engine arrived. Our neighbor popped over to see how our kitchen cupboards were getting on and let slip that small son and friends had been observed, one Saturday night while we were on holiday,  trying to straighten up the driver's door on his (well, still mine until he pays for it) car. B had been alerted to this activity by a loud "tat...tat...tat..tat...tat" noise, which on looking out of his window, he deduced must have been one of small son's attempts to demolish our electric gate, this time by presumably reversing out too close to it with his door open (having to push start the car yet again, thus rattling the door down the row of uprights along the fence. When confronted with this information, small son claimed no damage to his car (we noticed a few slightly bent poles on the fence/gate); in fact, said he, he could now again close his window, which had been impossible for the last two years. Sometimes there is an upside. Meanwhile, big son has had to borrow transport from me, as he is working daily at my house until he gets a telephone line at his new residence.  He wanted my scooter and at first, I said an emphatic no, pointing out that if he were to be in an accident in the rush hour traffic, there might be extreme damage to my scooter. (Giggle).
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  No, really, I have to admit that was my very first thought - followed only a millisecond later by concern that my son might lose a limb. I've had to relent as I felt bad and also because big son filled the scooter's tank for me (5 litres) and I felt sorry for him in that he much misses the one he had in London, which is where he drove to work for a year and is also where he passed the stringent UK test. So he'll be OK. As for small son. No comment other than to say that he is learning a lot of life's lessons lately, he's paying off medical bills and saving up for his 'reckless' driving fine.  Although the traffic department has already sent two notices, they said he must await the summons: they haven't sent out last October's ones yet.  So he has a chance to save up for the no doubt hefty fine. Too bad.
PS - Small son bought a new battery for his car last month: he just won't believe his father when told that the huge speaker system keeps draining it.


  1. To hell with the battery, what is the huge speaker system doing to small son's hearing?

    The purpose of children is to allow you to enjoy vicariously all the things in life that eluded you because A) you had too much common sense B) you lacked the courage.

    1. Small son already deaf to any advice. Went for great scooter ride yesterday as passenger on own bike, driven by big son. Last time I had a ride like this was when he lived in London and took me for a trip through the city. Wonderful way to sight-see as long as you have a careful driver.