Monday, 8 April 2013

Home after Hols

The last three weeks have been a mixture of great relaxation and underlying concern. The morning after our first night away, rejoicing in the start of  our annual holiday,  Small son woke up to a house full of water back home and phoned in a panic. We had to talk him through turning off the municipal water supply on the pavement and tracing the gushing to the flexi-pipe under the sink in the kitchen, (new less than a year ago). Big son arrived to work from my study and found himself instead wielding a bucket, to help clear ankle-deep water while small son swept out the house.  Then ensued much telephoning to our insurance company, visits from the assessor, liaising with big son as best they could until we returned two weeks later to further sort out the mess by which time the house had acquired a pretty musty smell from the damp wood in the kitchen and the carpets in the two affected bedrooms. Meanwhile, we determined to enjoy our holiday, reflecting that we have a tendency to experience disasters while we are away: there have been three deaths in the family and one of a close friend and now this. The flood jinx stayed with us -   On the third day away, we woke up to find our chalet surrounded by water, the path submerged and children joyfully splashing their bicycles through it. Guess what? They had a  burst  pipe. No shower or coffee that morning. Luckily, we were on our way to our next port of call.  By coincidence, we also had a lot of rain on this holiday - very unusual over Easter. Perhaps the universe is trying to tell us something? One good thing - as we are now  obliged to replace half our kitchen cupboards, we have decided to do the rest as well. Been meaning to do that for the last five years. Although this has turned out to be a rather watery holiday we did have a good time, driving slowly up the East coast of South Africa, staying in several of our National Parks and staying with family over the Eater week-end.


  1. If I had vacations like your vacations, I think I would give up taking vacations. Wow what a disaster! I hope you can everything fixed up and back to normal.

    1. Note the Freudian typo re "Eater " week-end. The food was indeed excellent!

    2. You must only be Freudian in holidays and not geographically, there was no matching Eat coast of South Africa.