Thursday, 25 April 2013

He Who Could Laugh Last, but didn't

The epitome of Neatness - sadly, not my shelves

We hit a wobbly with our new kitchen cupboards yesterday. With only the doors to put on (promised for this morning), our guys arrived very shamefaced to inform me of a 'slight problem' - the factory has let them down on the cupboard doors - they now discover they don't have enough orders for this finish and so are not prepared to cut the small amount needed for us (35 doors in all). Ours, it seems, is not a popular choice.  (So why offer it?) Dilemma.  The afternoon was full of angst, irritation and indecision and phoning up to my husband, who had flown up to Pretoria for two days on business. Eventually, I agreed to phone them back first thing in the morning with our decision on the options available, once he had returned. Meanwhile, two of the team quietly carried on putting up shelves on the other side of the kitchen.  I only noticed when my husband pointed it out that night that they had made a mirror image of the ones I had requested on the other side, so that although I now had beautifully matching sets, I had no shelf high enough to place a box of Cornflakes, or my bottles of cooking oils etc.  Vaguely, I had only a passing thought that as I would be getting a lot more cupboards than before - everything would somehow fit in. Chiding myself that I had not worked out all the measurements on paper with appropriate diagramsI told them the guys these shelves must come down and be altered.  As they build them daily in situ, I had not given much precise attention to detail as we made changes as we went along. This whole project has actually caught me on the back foot, because it has only happened because of our flood. To his credit, hubby has not rubbed in the fact that I had not thought about the heights of the cornflakes or the cooking oil.


  1. That measurement thing gets me every time.
    "Caught me on the back foot" is not an expression I have heard before. Meaning not fully prepared?

    1. Yes, that's what it means. I wonder where it comes from?

  2. Wow, you are having a period of cupboard distress. Hope it all sorts out for you. You do have a point, why offer a style or color that they are not willing to supply?