Monday, 15 April 2013

Hard or Soft?

It seems that the debate rages on re the benefits of a hard or soft mattress. For years when we were younger, my husband and I conformed and slept on a 'firm' posturepeadic, even inserting a hard board beneath it at one stage, congratulating ourselves that we were doing the best thing for our backs. In latter years however, we both started to get awful backache, which sometimes woke us up at night when we turned over, (I felt as if the mattress was rubbing a hole in my hip), and when we got up in the morning, both of us had stiff and sore backs.  We changed to the softest mattress we could find (not easy to find) and haven't looked back. Mention this to others however and there is heated debate, even people older than us asserting that they can only sleep on a firm mattress and the medical profession, according to them, still agrees. Logically as I see it, if you look at the curvature of the human spine, especially in the lumbar region, the softer the mattress, the better it will fit to your natural shape: I remember having blissful sleeps on a mattress made exclusively of feathers when I was young. You just sank into it, it took on your shape and you didn't stir for the rest of the night: mind you, I suppose the point is that I was young.  Or is it that everyone's spine is different? Different strokes for different folks. I thought all spines were similar until one day I had an X-ray for a hip problem.  Looking at it, my GP exclaimed, "Well, there's nothing wrong with your hip but look at your back! Your lumbar vertebrae are deformed (the transverse processes) - but don't worry, looks like you were born this way".


  1. Always so nice to be told one is 'deformed' in a breezy manner.
    I go for the soft, husband for hard...sleep number bed to the rescue.

  2. I always go for a firm mattress and my back is pure crap.