Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Closet Dream

The Dream

Hubby's side - drawers below not in yet
The wood for two  cupboards
As we near the end of our building project for our retirement, we have turned our attention to the cupboards. We've built some in the kitchen and are now tackling our dressing room which leads off our bedroom. I couldn't believe how much wood arrived for such a small room. Or how heavy it was. I carried most of it up the stairs while hubby painted out the space.  Then he came to help me and immediately there was blood. He cut about three fingers on the sharp edge of one of the panels.  I was wearing gloves. The fun part for me was sorting out all the pre-cut pieces from the measurements on the invoice and matching them up with my husband's drawings. A bit like a jigsaw - so right up my street. I was then required to help with the screwing together and carrying the finished sections into the room where we heaved them (and sometimes squeezed them) into place for the final fit. We've only almost done hubby's side so far. The opposite side of the room will house my things and has a different design - lots of tall hanging space. We haven't yet done the drawers for the bottom part either.  Hubby has already put some old working clothes and bits and pieces into his side, so that it's pristine appearance is somewhat spoilt.  I guess I had fondly imagined beautiful racks of Saville Row suits and a row of white shirts - as witnessed in some movies I've seen. (Sigh). When he retires I plan to move all the shabby stuff into the drawers and leave on permanent display his office suits, shirts and ties.  Maybe I shouldn't.  It probably won't do to hark back to his working days - in more ways than one.  We must live for the now, having done as much as we can to prepare for the future.


  1. Your dream is starting to come true. I would like a room as big as that dream closet to keep my sewing and craft supplies all in one area. That's my dream.

    1. Oh so would I. We haven't yet got to the 'Hobbies' room yet - which was recently built on over the double garage. There will be lots of cupboards, computer and sewing space plus an area on a big table in the middle for hubby to build his model boats. Well, that's the dream

  2. Wow! Beautiful wood. What lovely shelve you have made. Very nice. Poor hubby is a bit accident prone, is he not?