Friday, 26 April 2013

A Blessing in Disguise. Catharthis

Study minus wet carpet

Cupboard awaiting censure

Remember these?

My lounge with matresses & bedding

TV room - kitchen cupboard stuff

Outside room - temporary kitchen

There is nothing like having your back to the wall for making procrastinators like myself get down to having a clear-out.  As the pics illustrate - I've just had to empty my cupboards and throw stuff out, with a view to retiring next year, August, galvanized into action because the insurance people wanted to replace almost all my cupboards because of our flood.  (Watch this space.).  It's odd that you can only throw certain things away when you are ready to do so.  I have hung onto my university notes circa 1971-73 for all these years, thinking that one of my children might need them. Not one of them has. I have finally ditched 7 years of Medical Aid receipts, hoarded since 2007, I've only kept the last 12 months in case the taxman asks for them. I've carted away 3 loads of recycling and been 5 times to hospice with 'stuff' that they assure me they can sell.  I feel so good! I feel as if I have embarked on a new stage of my life.  One other thing has resulted from this cleansing:  I have gathered all the photographs of my mother, my father, my childhood, the pics of my great-aunts, the notes I made when I quizzed my dad about his life after my mom died -  and I am busy making several scrap books.  The first one I am tackling is about my own life (I dont' feel emotional about that), then I'll do one each for my mom and my dad. I still chastise myself that I didn't get more details from them both. I console myself with the thought that one day, at least one of my children will be interested in family history after we are gone. Have any of you thought about this? It's fine when we are all alive and healthy. Who thinks ahead?  It has hit me like a ton of bricks how much I don't know about my parents' histories now that they are gone.  I hope to leave my own children with a different legacy - the story of my life. No holds barred.  Hopefully, it will have meaning, for at least one of them.


  1. I do not know much about my family history at all. I was just not interested and then it was too late.