Wednesday, 6 March 2013

"This house is like a Museum!"

I have been somewhat miffed with my daughter this week, as she took exception to my removing my small granddaughter (who is only 2 next week), from standing on my hearth, within a hair's breadth of my precious Royal Doulton ladies on the mantelpiece.  I am not saying she would have naughtily broken them or even dropped them accidentally if she picked one up, standing on tiptoe. But she is just a toddler and they can be very clumsy. These ornaments are not something I would have bought myself, but my mother loved them and they are a memento of her, especially the little blue one, called "Cherie", which was my dad's favorite. I only brought this one home last year after he died. It's thus a memory of him too.  My daughter's house is devoid of ornament, very 'minimal', but then, she hasn't been married long and hasn't gathered much. Not only did she suggest that her children may touch nothing in my home - (not true: I only have these three china dolls that are out of bounds), she also told me that I sound like my mother.  Wait until she is my age, when I am dead and gone and she has her own grandchildren. We'll see who sounds like who then. At least - she will.


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  2. There is a time for commenting and a time for commiserating. I commiserate with you. Otherwise shut the hell up Sextant, this is not your battle.

    1. Yeh, I know. I should have given her a piece of my mind. The trouble is the correct words don't spring to mind until afterwards. I suffered the same clamping up of my vocal cords with my own mother.

  3. Don't we all turn into our mothers sooner or later? Your daughter will find out. And it certainly doesn't hurt to set the expectations down early. Not everything in the world has to be touched by a two year old.

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