Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Desert Flower?

My husband has this theory that if you just give plants water regularly they will grow.  Hence he took my languishing and dormant 2"-high cactus out of its (seldom-watered) pot and put it in our garden flower bed where it gets watered with everything else by our irrigation system (we have a borehole), twice a day for half an hour.  Voila. Desert flower? I think not.  Now it's even making babies on all sides.  Must be making up for lost time.


  1. It is very beautiful, but I wonder how much is too much water? It may appear to be thriving and then develop rot.

    1. Ach, you old pessimist. It's been doing OK for about a year now. Don't forget we are exceedingly dry in this part of the world, except for about six weeks in winter. I'll keep an eye on it then

    2. Well desert stuff usually needs very little water, you said you were watering it twice a day for 30 minutes, damned wet desert. But if it is doing OK after a year, it must be OK.